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What is Enhanced Content?

All listings cover basic information such as business name, address, and phone number, but sometimes you will see a listing with extra content such as photos, staff bios, hours of operation, video, and more. These are called Enhanced Content.

Flag Enhanced Content is an exclusive feature that we offer which goes beyond the basic overview to create a rich online business profile. We offer the following to enrich your listings :

Why Enhance Content Works?

  1. Appeals to different types of people. Some searches read every paragraph for every detail while others prefer to just scan through headers and bullet points. There also those who are enticed by images or videos which easily illustrates product attributes. 
  2.  Creates a great first impression. Directories are overloaded with different options and alternatives and the basic information has a short window to impress. Providing compelling and useful data to your profile is an effective way to capture your potential customers' attention and help them reach a decision.
  3. Boosts search engine optimization. Enhance content gets found. You can incorporate SEO keywords for better organic search results.
  4. Offers a captivating search. Additional and quality information builds customer confidence. It provides a bonus-factor and benefit-focused content. In the online world, customer trust is established on substantial, competitive and accurate information.
  5. Increases traffic and sales - online and offline. Knowledge is power - and it sells. Most shoppers use the web as the first step in exploring potential buys. Having enhanced, quality content amplifies the chances of getting visits or purchases!

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